Blizzard support dont care about players or life situation

I just want to share the experience with blizzard that I had for a long time. ID support refused to return the account saying that they are not sure of the owner of the account… Although I even provided a photo of the ID with the exact name and all the information including the residence in the profile, which the thief did not change, in the end I got the account back through the police and my own efforts I struggled with it myself for 2 weeks, but when I got to it, I realized that the person who played on it got banned for two of my games, the appeal of the ban was equally unsuccessful, I’ve already experienced everything in my life, including the current situation and the war in my country but I really didn’t expect such audacity and absolute indifference and unwillingness to solve the situation… No one from that big company would find it strange that someone has been playing the game for 5 years and hasn’t even received a warning for toxicity or cheating play in the game and then suddenly for 3/4 of a year someone curses in another language on that account and uses unauthorized modifications on the second game? But what to expect from an American company that only counts money from loot boxes and the diablo immortal…sorry for grammar mistakes but english is not my native language…This whole situation is sad and incomprehensible some time ago I lost access to my game account in World Of Tanks I contacted the company and without any problems or asking for an ID scan they returned my account (and they did a rollback account to the state when I last played on it) in comparison, blizzard wanted a photo ID from me, which I sent (they can misuse it without problems) and even then the support was not willing to help me, I took my whole experience to court and I am taking lawful action because on I had several thousand shards/gold/gems in my account…Also, if I add to that the fact that I lost my father and we had to move to a small apartment because of money and HOTS was one of the few things for me, I forgot about my existential problems and I also add a human side, so that I can feel overall what a blizzard in me and his absolutely bizarre attitude made me want to cry and throw up all at once