Blizzard Support does not answer

I’ve purchased MW2 Vault Edition on PC Battle Net but when I logged into the game I noticed I didn’t received the premium extra content like the special skins. I tried to wait some time to see if they would appear in my account but they didn’t show. Also the game keeps crashing too much it seems unfinished and unpolished.
So I paid 100 dollars for a content that I didn’t receive and for a game that I cant play without constant crashes.

Opened the ticket Issue ID: #88340364 and received a message saying they would answer in 24 hours. It’s been about 3 days and no answer.
I just want my refund and my money back I also sent a message to pay u to complain.
Just want my refund with my money back.
Hope o don’t have to call my credit card company. Never had this kind of problem before with epic or steam.

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Blizzards main MO is to ignore you as long as they can in hopes that you will just go away!

24 hours? more like 24 days in the best case senario…
Im waiting to get my deleted-for-no-reason account back for 2 months now using Blizzard’s so efficient “Ticket System”… Dont expect to get an answer soon XD