Blizzard stealing our money

I bought a $49.99 magnate’s supplies and did not recieve it. It charged my card but it does not appear on blizzards transaction history. I paid this though and got robbed.


Or, rather than writing this post, you could have tried contacting their tech support, as their forms isn’t exactly tech support. If you truly did purchase it as you say, they will have records of it and can credit your account should you really be missing the thing you bought.

Furthermore, you have provided no additional information regarding your complaint, things like what OS (iOS, Android, Windows) you were using when this occurred, as it does matter.

There is a support article you can reference here: Diablo Immortal Desktop Purchase Not Delivered - Blizzard Support

If you made your purchase while using iOS or Android, then this article might also be useful: Diablo Immortal Mobile Purchase Not Delivered - Blizzard Support

diablo 2 resurrected is slower than diablo 2 original… the graphics are actually worse and not sharpened at all…cant click on a monster or NPC without having to wait ten minutes for it to respond… the right click doesn’t auto monsters… sorceress takes too much time to even do one fire ball… offline is just as bad as online… i would rather my money back and stick to the old diablo 2 instead of this fecal matter they produced. and level 1-45, barbarian does not damage and needs dexterity every level or misses every monsters… the sorceress does more physical damage than the barb does…


Your post is not related to Diablo Immortal.

If you want to leave feedback for Diablo 2 Resurrected, please use the D2R forums.

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