Blizzard stealing money with Blessing of worthy change

I spent a good amounts of money/ platinum on a specific legendary gem attribute that has now been changed to a gem I would have never purchased . I want a refund !! Or the opportunity to exchange the blessing of worthy I paid for for something of equal value . I did not purchase this new gem!! I never would have purchased a gem with the new changes


yea i just now noticed this change, bait & switch by Devs taking our money and making the items useless.

Wasnt a change. Simply a failure in their part to match text from r1 to r2+++ but i do agree, everyone who purchased said gem should get a refund, or they need to fix the gem to do of total life dmg. I also understand they changed it to not conflict with the set. But they did not fix it, and that error is on them. They need to own it.

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