Blizzard shoudn't charge you to play a game you already own

I know this is not something particular to Blizzard, but It gets really frustrating have to pay for the game again and again to switch platforms (I bought Overwatch phisical on PS4 and damaged the disk, bought It again from PS Store, then again on the Switch’s eshop. I’m a poor broke Brazilian, they should give me a PC copy (lol never gona happens) but for f sake, that’s some predatory pracctice.

i agree blizzard are greedy and non user friendly, Dont buy there stuff

I somehow agree. I’m playing pvp games for years and overwatch is the only game I paid for a pvp. And it’s such a loss I play this just a little to justify my purchase but if I haven’t paid for this, I would not wait for a long time queue even if they introduced cross play.