Blizzard scammed me

So when I went in to renew my Warcraft account after taking some time off. I logged in on my phone and apparently, it put the expansion and time on my Diablo Immo0rtal account. The first costume rep didn’t speak English and offered 0 help, the second tried to extort me and tell me I needed to move all my characters to the other account via character transfer. And the latest one decided to ignore the fact that they can move the account, and lied to me and told me it’s their policy and they can’t move it.

DO NOT give any money to this company they are as evil as they are incompetent!

You have two Battlenet accounts it sounds like. You logged in on the wrong one and purchased WoW Dragonflight and game time on it. That can be refunded if you asked within the refund policy time, and had not played. Then you could buy it on the Battlenet account you wanted to have it on.

This is not an issue with the store, this is a user issue caused by buying the game on an account you did not wish to use.