Blizzard Refuses to Help - SCAM ALERT


Recently I have started to receive spam invites.

Their names are:

I am hiding the names just for confidential reasons, but yeah the standard name is the same only the #0000 changes, I have reported that to Blizzard what they have told me was more or less like this “Get your big boys pants and keep reporting now you work for us for free” every 12-24h I receive a new invite. Following the logic my battle net ID has been compromised. Blizzard GM and GM Manager told me, yes they can invite you in-game. When I receive the invite I am not even near the PC or playing, so get real the battle ID was compromised. And is the responsibility of Blizzard since I am obligated to use your launcher to play the games, I have requested a free change of battle ID, which was refused, I see that Blizzard takes this situation to some extortion from their customers.

Blizzard is an Indie stupid company that cares about money and not the players that are with them for years. I refuse to pay anything otherwise I am getting scammed by Blizzard. Meanwhile, I have opened a Cybersecurity complaint with my local authorities, I am also afraid that not only the BattleNet ID was compromised and it can be more of our information. Please let me know if you are experiencing the same issue so I can know and inform my local authorities about the issue.

On the forums…

  1. Hover your mouse over any forum poster’s name / avatar.
  2. Check the URL preview offered by your browser.
  3. The end of the URL is the poster’s Battlenet ID.

As an example, my URL preview is
which shows that my Battlenet ID is Meteorblade#2266

In a game…

  1. If you say anything in a public chat channel, other players can click on your name / avatar and send you a friend invite (including after you’ve logged out) without even needing to know your Battlenet ID.

Your Battlenet ID is public-facing information so other people being able to see what it is isn’t a compromise / data breach. The whole point of the IDs is to enable players to send each other Friends requests and each person’s account holds a list / array of IDs that form their Friends list.

This is the 1st time I actually speak on a Blizzard Forum in years, and stopped playing WoW around 2 months ago and started to play Diablo where never sent a public message, I only speak with friends using a whisper.

The Blizzard logic is that is your problem get fu**. I started to receive these invites when I was already off. If Blizzard can’t fix their own creation we have a huge problem, at least block a way to receive incoming invites something that they do not have.