Blizzard Programmers Less Capable than Path of Diablo Team

How is it that a free/community funded program such as ‘Path of Diablo’ is capable of hosting its own servers, providing consistent updates and most importantly has removed botting/duping or is at least attempting to tackle the situation (very well id say).

Than we have a 40+ billion dollar company who still claims they ‘support’ there games. However, there has been no updates, content changes nor a fix on botting/duping.

Perhaps Blizzard should hire out the team who produced Path of Diablo.
Its pretty obvious at this point Blizzard isnt lacking resources…merely they are inept on the matter.

A community funded program can do what you say you cant…it just show cases quite a lot.


The only thing Blizzard cares about now is profit margins. They don’t care about public image so long as they make fat stacks

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If u believe that path of diablo does not have cheaters and botting users u are very very very very very wrong! The situation in PoD is even worse regarding botting and cheating !


Yes, true in the grand scheme of things the most important thing is revenue.

With that being said, understand that what the D2 community is asking for from Blizzard is also being done for ‘free’ (Im sure community gives great help) by the path of diablo team.

Now lets consider what one individual pays for:

  • d2 cd key = $8
  • d2 lod cd key = $8

Give or take on price blah blah blah.
So $16 for each person thats has to get a new key from either being new or because they were banned.

Now lets imagine all those botters get banned + all the new people who buy cd keys.
Even 1,000 people is $16k from cd keys.

All im saying is it can almost be done for ‘free’ but still produce revenue; it would seem.

All blizzard does is leave me here with my assumption and i see it being done so…

duping methods atm are privatised. if they were made public there would be dupes everywhere. how can blizzard fix something that hasnt been made public? therefore we dont know what the current duping methods are. use your common sense lol

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In order for them to resurrect D2, they first have to kill it. To which they’ve been doing a great job.

Path of Diablo only has less botters and cheaters because there are less players. If more were playing Pod, more would be cheating there.