Blizzard, please stop standing idly on these issues!

Diablo 2 play on US-East Ladder is slowly deteriorating to the point where legitimate players are unable to play. I’m sick of it, I’m sure plenty of others are as well. Time to pick the ball up and run with it.

Time for a ban wave.
Time to implement a permanent resolution to these queue problems.
Time to resolve the chat issue.

Come on, let us enjoy this game.


I don’t disagree… but let’s keep calm and be a bit realistic.

The one person they have working on the game and the half an hour a day they get to work on it is about all we’re going to get. They have more important and profitable issues to deal with at the moment.

I would settle for some actual feedback here about what they are working on and what kind of time frame they are looking at for resolution.


Agreed, I’m tired of constantly seeing many bots in public view. Nobody hides it and people bot with impunity it seems.

I’m tired of crappy servers and I’m not that keen on the idea of Plugy.

I downloaded the new patch of PoE last night. I’m going to give it another shot since D4 doesn’t look like a guaranteed success, it could be D3 2.0 easily. Anyway, I’m not playing a lot of D2 in recent days, I’m about sick of the servers and bots. I’m about ready to find greener pastures, I’m tired of D3/d4 bull crap and crappy servers where nothing is ever done.


Yep, D4 looks like D3 2.0 to me as well.

I wouldn’t mind playing D3 if it wasn’t stupid easy due to the excessive power creep. The item drop rate is just too high, the progression from reaching 70 to being able to easily farm T16 is too fast. I actually played and enjoyed Diablo 3 a lot more back pre-RoS/Loot 2.0 when items were scarce, I didn’t even think twice about Diablo 2 during that time.

After the power creep started in Diablo 3 and the game kept getting easier every season with the release of more powerful sets and items, I eventually came back to Diablo 2 for the challenge and to get away from the overload of item drops. Everything was fine until Diablo 2 online gameplay started going down the tubes. I’ve tried playing on the US-West Ladder server, but the lag is horrid.

Several of my friends stopped playing Diablo 3 because of the power creep stupidity.

I just hope what is going on isn’t some internal secret agenda to kill off Diablo 2.


Nah, more likely a lack of resources or ability. Bots have been plaguing D2 for a long time.

As for D3, I just found it to be too inferior to D2 in too many ways to consider it worth my time to play. I did enjoy running through the game once or twice but it wasn’t an experience I can’t do without.

If they do kill off D2 maybe D2 will be better for it since we at least wouldn’t all be meeting on botnet. We’d prob all find communities of private servers or just play with friends.

Why shouldn’t Blizz just remove battle net support from Diablo? They already released Diablo 3 and are about to release updated D3 so they don’t care about D2 customers anyway.

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I doubt anything will be done about it this ladder. If they were trying to kill D2 they’d just shut down access to bnet. The ques and messaging removal is deliberate, but not to push players away. I’d bet money they are working on the game.

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The only solution is for the servers to be run by people still passionate about the game. They can control the bot issue and monitor games regularly, even make new content that would make the game more interesting (like other people have already done but to a huge extreme - we just want 5 more acts in D2 and not having to re-learn how to craft everything!)

Just tried to create a game: 4359 queue, it took 17 minutes and 20 seconds to start the game.


Why not play single player?

What’s so necessary for you to play on bnet.

No bots no lag no game creation limit, the map stays the same unless you want to change it by switching difficultys…

Can pause the game can adjust the monster difficulty on the spot…
Can still xfer on open bnet.

Yeah I’m never playing on botnet again

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I have several friends that live all over the country that enjoy playing the game, and is the only viable way to play with each other. Plus it’s nice to have all of the items that are available in ladder mode.


I been playing on West for the last 5 days and, no word of a lie, is running better than ever. I know it isn’t as populated as East, but it’s no less populated than it was when I quit 3 ladders ago.

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I tried West, ping times between 100-400 ms compared to 30-60 ms on US-East, delays between action and response, frequent desyncs when walking. No thanks.

Yup. Roughly a 4300 queue and about 12 minutes to enter a game on EHCL. Well, at the very least, I am catching up on numerous bookmarked YouTube vids. :wink:

I just tried East. I get the same issues that you got with West.

Well if you got friends you play often with then bnet is a must but for lone wolves like me I’m actually enjoying not having ladder runewords.

Makes finding lidless shield actually useful and identifying rare eth pole arms for merc actually worthwhile. Tho bonehews are fairly common.

I found a rare morning star with 388ed and +2-11damage That I’m gonna upgrade to a devil star and socket with a 30+ ed jewel when I find another one.

If I was on ladder I’d just made an oath, spirit monarch and insight and that would be the end of it.

Downside is that I found a Lo rune that isn’t all too useful on single player since It’s not possible to make fortitude but then again so many other choices like duriel shell, leviathan, shaftstop or gris armor with 3x15ias jewels.

I feel like it’s better this way

If they’d unlock the ladder only options in non-ladder, I’d start playing on the non-ladder servers in a heartbeat since they’re not affected by the queue problem. It’s not like any human will ever be able to get top spot on the ladder anyway.

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Merc with Eth Doom Paxe + Eth Duress + Helm with 1-3 x cold facet.

Over the last few days I have played on HCWest, and didnt suffer from any of those issues you listed. No rubber banding at all, no pause when picking up items or using abils. I like East as it is where most my characters are, but even before the ques this past week, the rubber banding was getting out of hand on East.

IDK, it must be something goofy with my route to West’s servers. East has always been butter smooth when it’s working properly… West has always been crap, even back since the early 2000’s. Oddly enough I live in the central US, so you’d figure I’d have a decent connect to both.

Yeah I plan on making a doom zerker axe for my barb as act2 mercs can have baseline cold aura anyway but that means finding another Ohm and a Cham rune.

Found one Ohm and made a cta for hdin. In 15 years of playing d2 on and off I’ve found a couple jahs a couple bers and everything under but never a Cham or Zod.

Mainly because I spend most of my time in act1/3 doing countess Andy or meph instead of chaos/baal/pindleskin.

Maybe one day :man_shrugging: