Blizzard, please improve your item drop

How can it be so serious that you can get one set item even after going to the instant dungeon 30 times? No matter how random it is, this cannot be done unless the figure is too serious and the random concept is abnormal.

I hope you improve the figure for the item drop rate for this part.

And I really don’t want you to do anything about the system of combat troops, but I think it’s better to have no concept of combat troops, and there’s another group called the Battle Force in the Clan, and the reality is that they can’t continue to go all the way.

I think the new content about combat troops in this patch only provides users with more tired systems.

Please think about the fact that this game is gradually causing boredom and boredom due to the drop problem with set items or items.

Please do the patch that the user wants. Get rid of the four-man box on the field, no one is opening or gathering parties to hold.

Just wait until you out paragon level your difficulty and your gear is drastically lower. They’ll nerf your drops even more so all you can do is quit or hope a friend can carry you through higher dungeons for hundreds of hours for upgrades. The system is designed to get your cash quickly, and then make you quit when you hit a wall.