Blizzard needs to crack down

Blizzard when are you guys going to start cracking down on players that are still selling gear/character names/etc. on 3rd party sights online play is totally worthless it’s nothing but bots and third-party cheaters selling your ip. you guys need to address this or you might as well just shut down online play forever

I’m surprised you’ve written this. I would assume you’d tell yourself to play single player, and let those who don’t care about item selling play on bnet instead of telling Blizz to shut it down. To paraphrase you “nothing will be done about it.”

LoL, D2jsp has been online since 2003.

Think what you were doing in 2003, then fast forward to now.

See the whiplash you are experiencing?

This dream of yours will never happen in Diablo II.

Since 2003? That is a heck of a lot of time. If a DIablo 2 player was 15 years old when d2jsp started, the DIablo 2 player may already have a child or two who are old enough to play Diablo 2 by now.

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Things will eventually resolve… Two outcomes:
1: The game rolls on as it has, largely ignored. Bots/hacks/cheats will eventually make too little, they’ll get bored and abandon. Legits win.
2: Blizzard puts their foot down, bans bots/hacks/cheats, implements countermeasures, legits win.

Either way, we’re waiting for an eon to pass… Just wait for it, one of them will come, some day…

The other outcome is this bear market goes full 1930s and Blizzard is forced to turn the power off.

I believe PC gaming is dying. It’s sad, but true. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile are by far the biggest profit source of the Activision/Blizzard group. There are plenty of reasons for this, but it mostly boils down to the fact that everyone and their dog have a smartphone, whereas a gaming PC is something you only get if you’re into the hobby.

In my humble opinion, in the years to come, PC games will become like vintage hi-fi equipment: only for the true enthusiasts to appreciate the few niche titles that remain to appeal to them, a premium thing only. And I believe Indie games are the ones that will thrive in this scene.

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pc games aren’t dying lol…any sources?

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Mobile gaming is the way to go. We old timers and some younger, yet who are sticklers, who have not joined in on the mobile revolution are missing out on being a part of a huge international community of players. The future is meow!

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Mobile gaming will either lead to a mass human die off or a clear split morphing a new human phenotype rot with hundreds of new diseases that the medical industry just loves to experiment on and make trillions of dollars off.

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To each their own, I guess. There are a few phone games I enjoy playing to kill time, especially rhythm/music games like Cytus II and Arcaea) but they’re their own thing, not a replacement for PC experiences like Diablo and others (although I recently found a phone ARPG called Anima that was pretty okay, it’s still not the ideal type of game to play on a train journey or other cases where I’d want to play around with my smartphone). Plus, I’m not a community type of person. I play alone.

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Blizzard can’t control 3rd party sites. They are either overseas or use stipulations about their time rather than outright selling gear. Blizzard is powerless against them in that avenue. All they can do is detect and ban bots, but they have no resources and it could take a while to come up with something that doesn’t mass ban real people. It’s always easier to cheat than to protect from cheating and an almost unfunded 20 year old game like Diablo 2 is very low on the totem pole.