Blizzard lie? 50 legendary crest guaranteed 5star leg gem?

Why blizzard lie peoples? I have 50+++ leg crest used and zero 5 star legendary gem drop. Only 1 and 2 star like a berserker eye and power and command. Im active player and play diablo imortall from 2 june.
Blizzard please respond. Im not only with this problem…this bug need to be patched
And lost 5 star leg gem restored.

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I’ve also this bug. I used already 50 legendary crest and did not receive the 50. guaranteed.
Maybe it’ why I’ve used also some rare crests and this has modified the counters?
I always write down when I get Lego gems.
So here it is the last runs:
10 lego crests = Echo 21 others 1 star this was the spot where I got guarantied
10 4
20 12star
30 I got here 2: 3/5 zwenson 2/5 hawler, and 4
2 star #I thought this was just luck
40 22 star, other 1 star
41 3 rare crest 1 star gem
51 1
2 star other 1 star #And I should got one here based on calculations
61 32 star other 1 star
71 1
2 star other 1 star
81 only 1 star - here at least I should have gotten 1 random 5 star GEM if the “30” was the 50 limit

So there is really something wrong with the counter!! Please fix it!!