Blizzard Launcher has no login button, only a blizzard loading icon

Blizzard launched just fine gives me the lines to enter my UN and PW but as in the title no login/connect or even a cancel icon appears only the blizzard loading icon.

I have scoured through other people asking for help on different issues that are similar, but not same and have done all of the;

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app,
  • Deleted blizzard and caches in %PROGRAMDATA%, %APPDATA%, %TEMP%, and %LOCALAPPDATA%,
  • Disabled hardware acceleration,
  • Added --disable-gpu to the target in the shortcut properties,
  • Smashed my face on the keyboard

From what research I have done this happens more than often and goes unfixed with 0 assistance. This should have been resolved I feel like. If anyone has any idea I’m open to suggestions.

Hey, MainlineJunk!

Are you currently on a Business connection by chance? This issue is normally caused by network firewalls that prevent the connection to the Blizzard Authentication servers.

Another common cause of this is restrictive Security software. If you can temporarily disable or temporarily uninstall the software, it may resolve the issue: