Blizzard is my IP banned?


Can you peak and see if I’ve received the ban hammer?.. Thank you!

@Blizzard I would really like to know. Can someone please take a moment and check for me…


It looks like you’re both on the same connection or IP address. There is a temporary restriction on the IP Address until the 18th, so it should clear up with the 19th as long as the underlying cause is addressed.

@caterpepi Can you help with mine as well? It’s been roughly 5 days and I have yet to be able to play.

@caterpepi mine as well? I legit JUST downloaded the game last night, have tried all your trouble shooting suggestions and continue to get the message that I have been disconnected from the most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me.

@Feithdustin, yours was actually pretty short and looks to have been caused by possibly logging in too quickly or some connectivity issues for a bit. It should have only last 10 minutes. It should be cleared now. I’d just recommend to take it a bit slower when creating games and logging in just to prevent this from happening again in the future.

@lobot9000, it’s a bit harder to say with this one, but it should clear by the 27th. If you aren’t aware of any VPN usage at the time or it’s worth checking with the ISP to see if the connection or IP address may be registered as a business connection since this is a fairly common cause for this type of issue. Sometimes, an alternative connection can help work around the issue until the cause is addressed.

@Caterpepi I’m having some connection issues when trying to play Diablo 2 that started yesterday. I don’t bot or use hacks, but this seems like it might be a ban issue. Could you check for me please?

@Dicin1, it looks like a temporary restriction was applied and will be lifted on the evening 27th.

Thank you very much for the reply! Was this for a VPN? I think I accidently tried will connected to my work’s business connection… Thank you again!


We can’t see exact information as to why such a suspension occurs, but as far as we can tell, using a VPN and signing in via work’s network would be a likely cause for your type of suspension.

Again thank you for your response! I’m excited to finally be able to login again!!! Tomorrow morning!!!

@Caterpepi, I can’t connect to and from what i’ve read it seems like I may be IP banned. I was hoping you could check on that and see if I am and when the ban might be lifted, thanks.

@Caterpepi I may have the same issue here. Would it be possible for someone to check and unban me if possible. I play with a bunch of friends every night and this is becoming incredibly frustrating to try and diagnose.

what about me. can you find out something i have not tried to log in for 48hr and i still cant log in when i try to log in it says is not responding please try again in a few min. bodine88w

i logged into diablo 2 lod this morning and it worked and now it wont let me ive tried on every gateway all the same thing happens just bought it off the web site last night this is kind of messed up i just want to play i dont cheat or anything would like some help pls

Can you check mine as well, I was playing several games in a row on D2 LOD and all of a sudden it said “can not create a game or join one” I could not even see a list to join games. I don’t know what happened. I was not botting, I was merely playing and joining other’s “rush games” for levels. Thank you!

I also need help with my account!! Just trying to play the game why is my login barred :frowning:

Closing this up since the OP’s question was answered.

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