Blizzard Ignores Community for 10+ Years

Bots will be active first day and game will be pointless within hours…

That’s my vision for the future reset and it’s based off 20yrs experience…

Blizzard doesn’t ever respond, we should organize off this platform and start finding ways to hurt the company’s image so they can’t just ignore us on the forums!

If we came together and start spamming messages on social media where they actually give a damn about their reputation and image, things may change, these areas include all their target ad spending on Facebook and spamming their twitter feed. This method to disrupt their social media is perhaps the only option we have left, it’s much easier to ignore a community of gamers if you’re all on their website in the forums, they can simply ignore you and hope you go away but in the end they are not worried about this area, the general public does not see it, their shareholders do not see it, think about it guys!


I respect your passion for the game, but Blizzard will completely ignore anything we do, want or say. Sadly, this forum has been addressed already about the bot problem by Blizzard and that is the last they’ll likely say on it for another 5 years or until another new forum launches.

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As a 20 year D2 vet, I agree.

Unfortunately, we need a colossal scale mob before they start seeing something. It’s pretty hard to get that unless a big streamer or youtuber with millions of subscribers says something. Right now, me and you are like 2 grains of sand to them. Remember the Diablo Immortal announcement? We need a #&#@up of that size to form a big mob to message them on every social media platform. I got a feeling that if they truly are making Diablo 2 remastered, they will screw up something about it 100%, so invest in your pitchforks, torches, and popcorn, because winter is coming.


Attempting to control a company with groupthink is unwise.

Nah, it can prove to work sometimes. Do you seriously believe we would have gotten Diablo 4 announcement last Blizzcon if Diablo Immortal didn’t get so much backlash? If a large mob doesn’t come out and tell them what they’re doing is wrong, they’ll continue to do it. Last Blizzcon we probably would have gotten nothing but Diablo Immortal updates or a Diablo card game if we didn’t yell in their face.

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Pointless how? Do you actually care about silly ladder rankings? Or do you just mean that trade values will be lower because the supply exceeds the demand? You can still play the game and bot games are easy to avoid. So what specifically is being ruined?

I do not think that Blizzard has ignored Diablo 2 players.
Servers have been up now for about two decades. There are ladder resets and their crew do small tweaks when things go wrong.

If anything, Blizzard has been really patient and thoughtful to us hooked on a classic gamers. I thank them for that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Bots are controlled by blizzard. The websites that sell gear are owned by blizzard. It’s all their money. This is a game that nobody buys anymore. There is no sale involved. They’ve only got the factor of manipulation that resets the ladder every 6 month to appease people, and get them more money. The only way for them to put the time and effort into is to charge a monthly fee to play. Other than that there’s nothing in it for them. Warden hasn’t been up in an eternity, because they operate the sales sites now. Duhh

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#SHAKOGATE :smiley: ahahahah

agree 100% brother rr

I would pay a small monthly fee to play the old game of diablo I remember, why not.