Blizzard.. How the mighty have fallen

What happened blizzard?

When I ask this it is somewhat of a rhetorical question as it is known that the people who started blizzard are gone and there is a clear lack of talent leading the way. clear is Bobby Kotick, greedy board members are almost certainly responsible for completely (explicit) this company into the ground. The latest title releases Warcfaft 3 remastered, Diablo immortal, Overwatch 2, and Diablo 4 have SERIOUSLY missed the mark for their audiance with a company who had a pedigree for releasing the best games ever.
Its clear this new blizzard only care about the $$$ and they dont give a flying (explicit) about the quality of their games anymore.
Its decisions like pushing to release games before they are actually ready that has soiled the experience for so many and is/has been killing this companies reputation for years now.
I’m not sure if any top executives at blizzard are aware of actually how (explictly) dire the situation is right now (or if they even care) but if things keep going the way they are this company will completely lose its fanbase.

I must emphasize as I am someone who grew up loving Blizzard I do now have a very negative/visceral feeling towards the company… I feel let down and running out of hope that there is anyone at the top level who gives a (exlicit) about its users. For example Diablo 4 (although does have potential) missed the mark in many ways. Lack of compelling items, resistances dont work (4 months into the game release), there is no loot filter (why???), there’s not nearly enough content, are a few elephants in the room. And im not even going to attempt to talk about the disaster release of Overwatch 2 suffice to say it was a disaster.

Anyway, hope those at the top at the company got what they wanted.
I believe it was Shear greed that killed this company. It seems that this company has no connection to the passion for making amazing games anymore. Im a believer in that much like a book or a movie a great video game isnt a cheap escape but can give the player incredible immersion into another world, with joyful and long lasting memorable experiences. Instead this company has decided to milk the Blizzard title/reputation for everything it’s worth and showed that there is no comitment to putting out better games better schemes for better profits.

For those who ran this company into the ground for greed and without concern for the players just remember this…

What goes around comes around.