Blizzard hates lower class people

Blizzard Entertainment Discriminates against a lower class with there phone number requirement to call of Duty modern warfare 2 I am unable to access a game that has been paid for in full nor am i able too access the beta do to requiring a phone number that is not pre paid which means i have to be contracted with a major phone service provider which i can not afford do to my finances this alone not only prevents lower class people from playing a game they have bought but also prevents them from playing the beta when it is advertised as part of the pre purchase package. this is blatant class discrimination

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i agree they should make another way to verify besides phone number, ive also heard of people with less common service providers such as cricket having problems too.

They are going rounds trying to explain how it isnt with me rn. If Someone were to pull a ca im in. (Hope i dont gat a ban for that lol)