Blizzard Gear Store experience

Okay i know that the shop and the Gear Shop are not the exact same.
But hear me out:

I wanted to order the new WoW Dragonflight Collectors Edition. So far so good, the last order i did (was a christmas gift for a friend of mine) worked perfect.

Now, i log in with my battle net account into the gear store aaaaaaand i have to pay with credit card. Have i missed something? Hm. The Blizzard Website still clearly states that PayPal should be a valid option in the Gear Store… on top of that im logged in with my Account where i have PayPal as the standart Payment option for my WoW Subscription and all the other stuff. Okay. Hm.
The Gear Website states Google Pay could be an option. Cool, i never used it tho, so quickly connect my google account with my blizzard acc, activate google pay aaaaaand still i get the only option of credit card.

What. The. F***?!

I know that there arent the same teams behind the 2 shops, but if you already can log in to the gear shop with your blizz acc AND pay in the webshop with all the payment options, why not in the gear shop?! Why remove that and make credit card the only option?!

Sry but im reaaaaally mad about this.



Same issue here, will have to use a third-party vendor instead. Though, i couldn’t even log in with my account and had to create a new one instead. All just to eventually get stuck with an (i assume) popular US payment method in the EU store.

Tried paying for it with my debit card, but could not process or got declined. I do keep reading that your first purchase can’t be a big one, due to perhaps fraudulent behaviour.

Credit cards are not that popular in Europe though.

Same here. I was hoping to finally get my hands on that LK statue that just recently become available in UK and TADA…only credit card. I guess blizzard is helping me to save money (that monster costs 1k pounds) and looks like I won’t be purchasing anything anymore from gear store cause they don’t accept debit or paypal. What a BS. Last year I purchased Illidan’s statue just fine. No problems there. I thought this new website was suppose to be an improvement. More like a joke to me.