Blizzard "Game Masters" not doing their jobs

This is what i received after attempting to appeal a wrongful silencing of my account, i don’t use profanity in any chat and i am definitely not toxic or rude. In fact i barely use in game chat because everyone i play with we use voice communication so there is no reason to even use blizzards chat services. However i recently had a clan of people who i didnt want to let Leech from me in a game. The person that i didnt want to help flat out calls me a **** and says hes going to have his clan report me. Within 10 minutes of that i get silenced and now cant play my game.

This is a joke i want even one incident of my breaking the EULA to be shown to me because i know it doesnt exist the “Game Master” just swept it by without even looking into it this is really upsetting that you have employees that dont actually handle your tickets and instead just go with a copy pasted response.

Dear Craig,

Issue ID: #71516710

A Game Master resolved your ticket, and left the following response:

Hey there Craig,

I took a moment to look over everything and I can confirm our findings here. This penalty is in place due to continued chat violations over a certain period of time and this just happened to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Remember that continuous unhelpful, rude, or overall toxic comments can lead to suspensions and silences, not just what would be considered swear words.

This silence will not be reversed or shortened. During this time, you may also see certain game restrictions as well. Keep in mind that the duration of these penalties will continue to increase if this behavior persists. Please take a moment to review our End User License Agreement

We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in our games. Thank you for respecting our position.

If you continue to experience issues, you can reopen this ticket. If you have a new or separate issue, please submit a new ticket.

Make sure you complete our survey to let us know how we did.

Blizzard Support

Buddy, other Blizzard employees also told you this. I was banned from the competition and said I sold gold to upset the balance of the game. Then I appealed. Blizzard said it reviewed. Then I violated the user agreement, which is the most helpless explanation I have ever seen. Although I am Asian, the Asians have done nothing wrong.



Your account is currently being under review. Once the investigation is complete, we’ll followup with you via email. We do appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.
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My account has been closed
But I don’t think I really did anything wrong
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I would like to ask some questions
Why is my account closed
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