Blizzard fighting back?

Or just wishful thinking?

The Enchant bots on USEast seemed not to be working earlier today, and as my own [human] Enchanter was gagged after her first “My tp for Chant” message in game, I’m hoping that this is a sign that Blizzard is in fact working at curbing the bots, so human co-op players can once again enjoy online play with other humans.

Anyone else notice any potential anti-bot efforts this Sunday afternoon, on our Spring Equinox?

Heh heh, I hear ya, and thanks! Been sick for better part of a week now, and just when ya think ya got it licked, it comes back at ya. Grrr.

Ok, stay back, I don’t want my account infected. :mask:

Get well soon. :angel:

There was a realm “shutdown” 3 minutes ago. Running antibot/cheat software, Actizzard is.™

See, Blizzard is protecting botters and hackers again. They removed my hurtful post, protecting the botters and hackers feelings.

I doubt they are focused on anti cheats during this pandemic. I’m sure they are at home practicing social distancing and trying to stay healthy. Bots are low on the totem pole.