Blizzard fails AGAIN!

So me and my girl together paid $200 to play this game this weekend, she is showing a time of 61 min to get into the game. This is on PS5. I don’t understand how Blizzard can fail like this for over 20 years. Every time they launch a game it’s a complete crap show of crap. Like I said yesterday, if you work for Blizzard… take a hammer and smash every one of your knuckels on your right hand.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but…… I think it is really unfair and rude that PlayStation players who have and Diablo 4 are not able to do the PTR for season 4. Especially when we played the beta version of season 3 now we can’t get season 4 very RUDE!!! Not to mention you are cutting out an entire group of purchasers. With that said my partner says that one of the biggest reasons we play Diablo 4 is that it is cross platform game!!! And if this is going to change you will be losing more than just your PlayStation players!!!