Blizzard essentially not letting me contact them

Essentially, I had a problem and went to go email them before I realized there was no real way to contact them. The “customer support” is really just them referring you to some random help tips that don’t work. SOS. Here’s my email:

I accidentally used a random dudes email on my account, and I managed to login to it using Xbox live on the Activision website. However, after multiple attempts, even if the code is typed in correctly, neither my nor Xbox Live account would unlink from my account. I request that my account RazerSussy#1398 is deleted or any accounts linked to that account be unlinked.

You have to delete your own account, you can’t ask Blizzard to delete an account you don’t have access to because you admittedly used someone else’s email for your contact info.

If you login, you can disconnect other APIs from the Connections tab on the site.

Thats the rub.

I managed to login on the Activision site, but I literally couldn’t unlink my account

i have had no luck getting any help today either other than on twitter telling me to reboot my machine!! my bnet has been a loop of repair/scan since this morning;

yea they pretty much dont have any way to actually contact them and their help tips dont help your actual issue half the time

That’s generally because the data it downloaded for an update is corrupted by a disconnection or packet loss. Sometimes reinstalling is the best option.

That’s the whole problem with me… For the last month, I have been disconnected every 15 minutes, sometimes less in DIIR and DIII…