Blizzard employees trolling people

Has anyone ever had this happen?

I’ve had several name changes, none at my request. They said my actual middle name was against naming guidelines, which, you know, it’s an actual name lol
They removed it against my wishes, I complained that I wanted to know why it was changed against my wishes, but they didn’t allow me to change it by myself.
I explicitly said I didn’t want the name back, and they put it in, even though I don’t want that kind of personal information out there, it was a mistake to put it in the first place.
I still have a name that they chose against my wishes, but I’m not about to pay for a change.
This has happened several times.

They’ve also often changed my password, and there’s nothing I can do, they make a password request, and the only choice you have, is to change it to the same password, but you’re locked out. They have done this several times while I’m playing.
The email they send says it should be ignored if it wasn’t me, but they lock me out lol
How am I supposed to ignore this?

Talking to support changes nothing, so I can only assume this is done intentionally.

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