Blizzard discriminating me because im muslim

my username was halalwoman, this name was forcefully changed after 2 days to player by a blizzard employee, condisering how dirty some of the name ive seen floating around and yet my name was almost insta ban is a clear sign of discrimination by blizzard and not the inclusiveness they brag about, this is extremeley dissapointing

I can almost guarantee the only reason the name was available in the first place was because thousands of trolls before you weren’t allowed to have it either. They will ban anything that can be used as derogatory or insulting. From what you say you’ve seen I’m sure you can imagine what others would do with the name. Don’t expect them to make special exceptions, you could easily still actually be a troll(i’m just giving benefit of the doubt you’re sincere). It’s not discrimination, it’s trolls ruining stuff for everyone and Blizzards lack of desire to monitor everyone’s behavior. Just the name would get ridiculous amounts of reports, they aint gonna make anyone immune to them, and you’d spend most your time in suspension till investigated.

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TyeDye is mostly right. Blizzard does not allow use of religious references, most nationalist references, or political references in game.

Blizzard does not search out names or chat infractions. They respond only to player reports. It means other customers found it something not appropriate for the game. If reported, it is likely going to get changed. Multiple infractions of the same time, can result in suspensions.

While your intentions might be sincere, other people are not.

If you are given the option, select a nice nickname that does not touch on religion, politics, national origin/identity, or anything controversial.