Blizzard Customer Support Was Great, Now Awful

The blizzard shop sale was supposed to end at 1pm EST US. The sale prices were still present through checkout after this time so I figured they extended the sale since at final checkout and on the pricing page it still had the sale prices. I bought 5 copies and checked my account and it charged me full price for all 5 copies. The sale prices were not taken down until 30 minutes later, at 1:30pm EST US. I even submitted screenshots to prove it. I explained the issue in detail, the response I got was a joke and had nothing to do with my ticket. Blizzard service used to be the gold standard and what I received as a reply is appalling and just the worst I have ever experienced anywhere.

The response I got:

Thanks for contacting Blizzard Entrainment team, this is Game Master: Evrabbahgu and I will be here for your service today.

I can understand that you get charged for a different price from the shop price, let us take more steps with that.
I know how it’s can be frustrating to pay more than you expected.

Please be aware that our prices are listed in several different currencies. If you are outside the countries where they are the legal tenders, the currency conversion rate will affect the actual price and currency conversion fees may be applied by your bank or your credit card company.
Any additional charges over that are likely local taxes charged by your government.

For more information, you can explore the link below :

If you need assistance with anything else, please don’t hesitate to hit us up again.
I do hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. =)
Best regards,
GM: Evrabbahgu

This is a joke, they did not even read my ticket and after seeing Activision ruin Blizzard and finally giving Blizzard another chance and buying Diablo for 5 friends and resubbing to WoW after not playing for 2 years and this is my first experience coming back?