Blizzard charging my account, then banning all of my accounts. wont respond?

this ticket has been opened fpr 13 hours with no response. i spent close to 300 last night alone. you then removed everything i bought and banned all accounts. i have 10 years and thousands invested and i have yet to even get a response? Side note, bank said they did not back charge/flag for fraud, payments went through, money is gone and all of my accounts are useless. AND NO RESPONSE in 13 hours… where did your customer service go. Please do your jobs? adress this today, and please bring any evidence you have for justifying your actions as well as telling me where my money is and unlocking my accounts. I still plan to spemd moiney tonight even after such a disgusting experience and lack of concern. sad im actually out on the forums over this but i guess tickets arnt priortiy esp when you banned someone for spending money with you and gave no reason as to what happened… im just wondering how many more tickets to open and posts to make until i have someones attention who can fix this massive blunder on your behalf. unless its cool to steal money and 10 years of my time? let go blizz? will cpntinue all op[tions of getting this adressed now so maybe you dont lose a dedicated player who regularly spends alot with you. worst experieince ive had with you guuys in 10 years. yes check my account history. 10 YEARS.