Blizzard Can't find my account

I really just want my account back, I’m very angry right now and I can’t find any other solutions anywhere, please, I have no idea what happened. I didn’t “forget” my email, thats what it is, and now this company, who ive given over 1000$ dollars to, just seems to have forgot it.

  1. REMOVE THE EMAIL! Never post part of your account info on the forums. Use the pencil button at the bottom of the box to edit.

  2. Scan your system for malware with something like the free Malwarebytes program.

  3. Make sure your email is secure and set up with two factor authentication. Gmail offers it.

  4. Now that your system is clean, please contact Blizzard. I don’t know if you are talking about a D2 account or a Battlenet account, but you need to put in a ticket to report a compromise

If this is D2 they may require you to have the game key as well seeing as those accounts are still separate from Bnet and did not have real names associated with them.

blizzard has fallen for a scam themselves a blizzard employee was tricked into giving away an acc but will not take responsibility for it same probably happened to rustedcheese

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