Blizzard, brush the dust off of Warden and FIRE IT UP!

I just checked the US-East queue, 3068, 7 minute wait. This is getting out of hand.
Back when Warden was ran on a regular basis, bots were virtually non-existent. It’s time to turn Warden back on at least until you can find a more permanent solution to this problem.

:flame: It’s time to turn up the heat on the botters. :flame:


Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see what 1 fill 1st

Thanks for your input, negative Nancy.

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Its Not The Bots Fault
There Was 1000x Moar Bots In 2010 And The Servers Were Fine
Blizz Is Actively Trying To Kill This Game Off

Back then, they were likely adding more servers to keep up with the demand in order to keep people from having to wait in a queue. They probably recently got sick of having to add more and more servers to keep up with the demand created by bots and have stopped adding servers or even started downsizing… How would you like it if someone kept leeching from you? Wouldn’t you want to find a way to cut them off?

So yeah, this is the bots fault.

Also… Anni BOT Farmers… they did some type of Proxy ban that worked for 3 weeks… then everyone got unbanned from the Proxy and came full force.

US-East queue: 3377
Wait time: 7 minutes 37 seconds

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Agreed op fire up the warden!


If they were actively trying to kill the game off, they wouldnt still have it up for sale on their site.

True, classic games are good right now. Look at how many classic Nintendo systems they sell a year? After thinking about it they probably are happy to not do much on this system it’s like an arcade machine they just have to unplug every so often to do “maintenance”. They just need a few more people looking after it and I’m guessing many there now work from home.

US-East queue: 3428
Nearly 8 minute wait time

It keeps slowly and steadily increasing.

Project Diablo II is nearby folks. Soon we wont have to deal with bnet anymore

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US-East queue: 3776
Wait time: 9 minutes 10 seconds