Blizzard authentication and phone number issues

This is more of a complaint than an actual Dialog.
Activision/Blizzard is really making me angry lately.

It all started with them wanting me to add my phone number to access the free content of warzone. I wasn’t too interested in the game, but wanted to give it a go. Then they told me “Your number cannot be from a different country” or whatever it was error at the time, which was incorrect. My number is and always has been from the US and my blizzard account is listed that as well. Reached out to Customer Support and they gave me the most lazy and bs copy/paste response reiterating things that were on their very unhelpful article of the issue. Showing they didn’t read what I said at ALL and basically just ignored me.

I said whatever and moved on, I was only curious about the game and dislike call of duty games entirely.

However now in World of Warcraft, they won’t let me make titles and other things for custom mythic groups and raids without authentication. I have tried Authentication apps in the past and because they were poorly implemented I was PERMANTELY locked out of multiple games that I paid $60 for in my life time, so when I see the authentication app having the same amount of 1 star ratings as 5 stars, and people complaining of the things that permanently locked me out of so many games in the past, ya I am skeptical of giving that a go on a game I have played for a literal decade and pooled well over multi-thousand dollars into.

So I tried to do the phone number again, and now the error coming up is that I need to use a Post paid phone, not a pre paid phone.

My phone IS post paid and has been for the past 14 freaking years of my life!!!

EVERYTHING from games, emails to ALL of my professional and business accounts are ALL tied to this number, and it’s the number my entire family and extended family know by heart (all 29 of them!!) so changing my number is literally not even an option.

Tl/dr- I submitted a ticket and am not optimistic blizzard will do anything about it.

I love this game, but I am 10000% ready to leave it for the rest of my life if they don’t fix this. It’s completely messed up to restrict my access to in-game features for a game I paid a TON of money and time for.

I honestly don’t like the way guilds are ran, and I have always ran all of my raids and mythics by filling them from the custom group menu.

I know i’m not the only person dealing with this, so I think we should all honestly think about ditching activision ad blizzard games as a whole honestly if they don’t fix this stuff.

They just gave me the same copy/paste statement saying that my phone is a pre-paid phone…

They didn’t even take the time to read anything I put into my ticket.

My partner is on the SAME exact phone plan as me, and has the SAME exact model of phone, literally nothing is different in our service/contract/plan, yet their phone number was accepted by blizzard while mine is arbitrarily denied.

Blizzard tries to shift the blame to the customer rather than try to make it right by us in any way at all.

If they truly cared they could lift the barriers in the way of players. The only reason my phone gets denied is on the way they programed their system to flag pre-paid numbers, it’s faulty and isn’t doing it’s job right, hasn’t for the past 2 years maybe more. There are tons of posts like mine out there, and yet it’s a persistent problem.

If a blizzard employee actually skims this, I want you to ask yourself, “Why does their phone number get accepted by EVERY system and EVERY account out there for sms protection, but not with ours?” Because this isn’t an issue with literally any other game/social media/website out there that I am signed up on, just you.


Not remotely related to the API.

My apologies,
Which category should I have posted this in?

Wait did you edit the category ? This is now the right one but I received a notification on the “API Discussion” category.

After you messaged I looked through the list and swapped where it was listed. I am glad I have the right one this time! Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience!


No problem, thanks for moving it, you get a higher chance of receiving an actual response here. Hope you find a solution to your problem!

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Btw, if the mobile authenticator is an option, you might wanna try it. I’ve had problems in the past too but the current authenticator works really nice.
As long as you make sure to print out those recovery codes you should be pretty safe in case anything goes wrong.
Also when using mobile authenticators you have to sometimes resync it if it fails. Also it is very nice to gain those 4 extra slots on the backpack for adding it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Unfortunately there is no more info I can give you, only a Blizzard employee could help you with that and as you mentioned the web ticket is the way to go.

Best of luck!


Thanks for your feedback,
If it has recovery codes that could be good. I’ve just been burned by authenticators in the past.

This is mainly just a vent post because this whole process has been sooooo frustrating, and I can go without bag slots you know? I just can’t go without in game features I actually utilize regularly when I do play.

They really need to change how they do things, no one should be frustrated because of small technical issues the dev ignores when they play a recreational game.

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Bethesda and Microsoft have no problem with my service, but Blizzard does, I used a Straight Talk phone for 10 years and never had a problem with updating my number, I switch to Metro, now I am no longer able to register a phone number. A PRE-PAID PHONE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH POOR SERVICE. By the way, I loaded my authenticator on my phone with old service, with my new service, cant register my number…ITS THE SAME PHONE. uhg.


I feel you, it is beyond stupid and frustrating and only an issue that I have run into with blizzard/activision. It’s a EXTREMELY poor implemented system, and I fear one day they will require phone auth just to play at all like they do for the call of duty battlefield game.

Their customer service and user experience is tanking down the toilet beyond belief and all they do is send out a copy paste bs paragraph that can be summarized down to “deal with it”

Once another popular mmorpg comes out with a well known universe, like idk… League, I think we will see WoW plummet more than they already have honestly. Ignore the community, you end up losing the community.

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Same issues. I’ve been scouring the forums trying to find a solution, but I just keep finding people in the same situation. 5 GM responses within a single 3-week ticket have provided no assistance whatsoever. I am on a monthly plan with a relative. Theirs works for bnet; mine does not. Inconsistent third party garbage. I can use this phone to verify social media accounts, email accounts, on job applications, for background checks, emergency medical contact, TWIC card for handling/transporting hazardous chemicals…but it’s not good enough to play a video game. This is the most out of touch move I have seen from Blizzard in over a decade of being a Blizzard gamer.

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