Blizzard App Will Not Launch Properly

  • will not launch.

  • Gives “something went wrong while trying to launch a program”

  • Have updated drivers

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program more than once

  • Restarted my pc

Nothing on the support page seems to work. Any Ideas? doesn’t even recognize installed games.

Update: This issue only happens when Surfshark VPN’s Bypass feature is turned on. Disabling Bypass for any app will fix the issue.

Howdy Geronimo,

It sounds like there’s a problem happening with that VPN feature, which isn’t something we can support and we don’t have any information regarding this type of situation. Other players that have used Surfshark may be able to provide suggestions but you might also want to contact Surfshark directly to see if they have any advice.

I bought a Diablo 3 game for myself and one for one of my sons that is in a rehab facility after having a stroke some time ago. He was all excited about his Mom and him playing this together online. I walked him through most of the installation and all the issues that other people are posting, SMH, my son has been having. My oldest son, the computer geek, walked my other son through the install again and nothing. I say walked the son that is in rehab, because he lives about 90 min. from us. I told my oldest son that I am not a happy person.
We used to play Diablo 2 years ago with several of our friends, and had great times. But this Diablo 3 was a waste of my money and time to unistall, re-install, 3-4 times. I give up! So does my son in rehab, recovering from a stroke.
I would have preferred buying the game in its box from the store. But the man at Walmart said they have no full games. "You buy the card with the code on it at the store and then you D/L the game off of the Blizzard webpage. I would have been happy to buy this game for $59 or $69 or whatever the price is, so I could have the disc. But thanks anyway. I am not trying to be a pain about this, I just wanted this game and now it won’t work for us.
One time I D/L’d the game, I clicked on it and it said the game was playing. No it wasn’t. Maybe in a different world. Then when I closed the screen and reloaded it, it said the game could not be found. I’m done.