Blizzard App Voice Chat Issue

My friend and I are having an issue with the voice chat. There is so much static when we try to use it. We do not have this issue with discord or other voice chat services, just blizzard and the wow in game chat.

This all started when the blizzard App was updated.

Help! We like talking to each other while we are raiding and can’t!

It’s hard to track down these types of issues, because voice chat is a relatively intricate system. Are you located in an area affected by winter storms? Are you using any type of VPN? How about a mobile-based network?

If you play something in the background does it sound fine?

I’m on the West Coast, with no storms, all other voice chats and sounds are fine. The only issue we are having is with the blizzard app and WoW ingame voice systems. This all started when the app was updated last week.

Can you provide this info also.

Is your friend located in the same area?

I tried voice chat myself on Bnet, and had some static to a friend in Texas. However, when speaking to someone from Georgia, there was no issue. This is why I’m asking for more details to pass along.