Blizzard App has white paper icon instead of blizzard logo

When I click on the blizzard icon in my taskbar, it doesn’t open the app on that icon. It opens a new icon that is just a white paper.

I’ve tried re-installing the app. I’ve tried deleting the shortcut and manually re-creating it. I still get the paper icon.

I tried opening a ticket, but all that happened was I was redirected here.

Having the same issue. I hear sound but game wont leave the icon tray. It looks like a sheet of paper. I have reinstalled diablo 6 times last evening, No change. I’ve tried from within the folder and still no change. I have done just about everything to get the game to load. Game ran fine last I used it, 2days ago. I play regularly, on most days , never a problem like this in all the years Diablo 3 has existed. Do we ever get help here? sure would like to think so.