Blizzard App Crashing / Voice Chat Issues

Basically, I’m having an issue where I can’t use in-game voice for overwatch, and the client crashes whenever I try to start a voice chat with friends via the app. I got some help with people at blizzard but we were unable to find a solution. I have tried the steps below and will continue to look for solutions.

Issue: Blizzard app Crashes with Occurrence ID: FC071B8F-94E0-4742-81D3-A6EF383C9DCE

  • Overwatch Voice stuck muted: code 1001 Required Object does not exist

I am using a Maono podcasting microphone, which is basically a generic USB microphone. I did try using another older USB microphone I had laying around but the same problems occurred.

Troubleshooting we confirmed completed or did over the phone:

  • Removed Voicemeeter (No change)
  • Manually disabled ALL other output and input devices just leaving the Microphone(Headset) and (Output Mic) active (No change)
  • Set Recording/Playback devices to Default Format quality (No change)
  • Updated Sound Drivers - No change
  • Updated Windows 10 to Build 18363 - No change
  • Reset cache files(That host voice chat) No change
  • Noted: Voice chat testing within settings of app work fine(No crash, and shows voice chat working)
  • Selective startup (No change)
  • Windows device setup (No change)
  • Windows Sound quality level for recording/voice device default (No change)
  • Windows Exclusive mode (Confirmed, no change)
  • New Administrator account (No Change)
  • Moved installation from F:\ drive to (OS C:) No Change.
  • Switched between Standard and Beta. No change.

Please let me know if you guys are having a similar issue, and if you try something else that works to fix your issues I would appreciate it if you added it to the bottom of this thread. Thanks! :slight_smile: