Blizzard account hacked (email changed)

I do apologise if i am using the wrong category but my account has been compromised and my email was changed, when i tried to login to my account it said “there is no account for this email”.

My friends said my account has been “Away” since it has been compromised, i have the app on my phone and can receive messages but i am unable to open the app as it is stuck on a loading screen.

I do have the email to me stating a change was made to my account and the change was my email, i also have emails prior that show my blizzard tag. I have put in a lot of hours into Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and Overwatch and it pains me that i cannot access my account.

i have sent a ticket and it has been over 23 Hours since I have gotten any feedback

Good luck with that, I asked for help getting my old account back and the cs rep thanked me for my request to remove my authenticator from my current account and did so without authorization.

Apparently submitting a ticket is now grounds for Blizzard to hack your account themselves and offer it up to the dark web, only notifying you after the fact.

Game’s great. Just apparently Austin sucks.