Blizzard Account - contact support not working

I have been trying to change the account (the same account I am posting on by the way) email address but somehow the system will not let me change because “this email is already in use”.

This is my only account I have and I am certainly not aware of a second account at the new address ever being used…

I just double confirmed by searching for “” on targeted gmail. My best guess? It looked at the linked gmail (via conneciton) and treated it as “in used”. So I removed that. No such luck and it still throw out the same error “in used”.

I tried to create a new support and THAT was painful and after going through the whole process to get to a “website ticket support” form and it will NOT let me click submit ticket. It is just greyed out no matter what I do and in different browsers.

yea some how i made two accounts not sure how i got logged out of this one logged back in to a different one some how now im locked out of the new one that allowed me to play now this account wont let me log into activision cause my email is linked to a different account of the same type but blizzard support sucks so im not sure what i have to do