Blizzard about to lose me again

I just decided i wanted to give blizzard a try again after quitting 6+years ago. I wanted to maybe try diablo III again as i didnt play the “rise of the necromancer” I log in and download and D3. I purchase the DLC for the necromancer and to my surprise blizzard cant even do that to start things off right, i wait 12+ hours for blizzard to process my order. Finally my order is in complete status, wait what? to my surprise again there are ZERO options for me to download my newly acquired purchase, does not recognize that i even own it and only lets me open of the reaper of souls content. Am i missing something here or has this company gone completely down the s**** hole and is this a bad idea and a waste of time. I am on the verge of asking for a refund this is some next level bull s*** from a AA game company that cant keep their f****** pants on long enough to do a damn thing right. Where do i install anything at? there isnt an option, this is something that shouldnt even be a issue/

You don’t. When you install a game it has all the content included. Buying an expansion or DLC just unlocks what you already have on your PC. There is nothing more to download.

If your order went through, and is complete you can just log in and the Necro will be available to create.

Make sure you are on the correct Bnet account that you made the Necro purchase on.

Also, you would want to post on the D3 forum in the future and avoid using profanity. That will just get you penalized by mods.

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