Blizz Tracker Diablo 4


I don’t know how to express my words here like they should be.

I would like to state the fact that I’ve been a Diablo fan since 97’.

I remember shatin my pants as a kid when I saw the butcher for the first time.

This should be every ones feelings about this game but the time and date do not permit it for everyone.

The main reason Diablo 1 failed was because you could dupe without a program, and many plugins existed.

If you are a true fan of diablo you can also tell that diablo 2 was killed because of Diablo 3 being released and because there is no stand against bots.

Lets be honest if Diablo 3 didn’t come out, Diablo 2 classic would be seeing more action these days without a doubt, expansion is still doing alright overall.

I think the biggest flaw today is seeing games being dumbed down to the masses when we need a Dave Chappelle version.

What we don’t need is Diablo 1, Diablo 2 nor Diablo 3, they are finished, PS5 and everything else is coming soon. . .

We need a revamp in the true spirit of Diablo. . .

For anyone else out there that can hear this. . . Noting else can be typed to inspire the true nature of this game nor this great community. . . You know what must be done.

Diablo 4, with a huge grind (low drop rate) and pvp (with actual stat/skill/complex) must be implanted.

Lets install fun back into the series, and quit re-mastering the simplistic characteristics of games [add any decent game title here] which make them so unbelievably fun,

(64 man rooms, 10 character classes, full loot)

Get your Grind on Son!


50 more years bro 50 more years


The more they model D4 on the dice rolls of D2, and the rune crafting of D2, and the MARKET of D2, (grow up, real money AH is needed) the better the game will be.

The utter nonsense of D3 with it’s infantile hand holding drops, ban on trading, and infinite incline treadmill is a dead end product. Even if some people like that, the game already exists so why waste money on a carbon copy? The beauty of D2 is that life-drops exist. The rarest of the rare that you can keep as a trophy or trade off for a fortune exists. Bliz murdered that aspect in D3 and spit on the grave.


Blizzard will never make another Diablo that benefits the D2 pvp community, botters and people who want to “make a fortune” off Items. The reason D3 is the way it is is because of D2 item sellers and buyers aka the pvp community. D4 will be more like D3 than like D2.

In fact, D4 will be D3 but darker. And that is 100% because of the D2 pvp community. D4 will be made for the D3 player base and 18 - 20 year old girls and boys who still live at home and who’s parents bring in a combined 200+k a year income

D2 is being remastered, which some of us D2 players will buy, but the remaster is more for those kids who will be buying D4.