Blizz throwing in the towel running Diablo 2 on Macs

I understand why the decision was made, but it’s still disappointing. :confused:

Come on Diablo 2 Remaster! :crossed_fingers: :metal:

Ah, they officially announced it. I don’t think most of their games are officially supported on Mac anymore. Overwatch never was.

I just went through WoW, D3, Hearthstone, SC2, Heroes of the Storm Support pages. Only Hearthstone has Mac as a valid system requirement still.

There is quite a bit of speculation as to future Blizzard games and Mac compatibility - like D4. Blizz has not said yet.

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Oh? Well, one of the choices that Apple users may have is to create a virtual instance of a Windows OS. So long as their cpu, ram, and drive space permits that, then they are good to go. I successfully ran one instance of D2 on a 10 year old MacBook via a Windows virtual instance. Yet, I had to make certain that no other apps nor update checks for any Apple apps were interfering with the virtual instance’s needs.

I can understand why the support has ended as this legacy game is reaching its elderly years. :older_man:

:alien: :dolphin:

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One of the biggest reasons I abandoned Mac is because they stopped supporting older macs about 8 years ago. Before then they were very good about showing love to older macs.

Apple and PC gaming are going in two completely different directions, especially pertaining to humanity and the human experience.

oh they are throwing in the towel EVERYWHERE, they truly do not care about their games or their playerbase.

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i bet they will still take peoples money

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Of course, it’s blizzard.

I wondered if you were canceled. Welcome back.

I was canceled, blizzard loves to suspend you when you call them out for being lazy or incompetent.