Blessing of the worthy descriptions

Making another post for this because this needs fixed and compensated just like zwensons was.

Blessing of the worthy legendary gem description is incorrect and I either want a refund (due to misleading text and made purchase thinking this was super awesome) or some other type of compensation after purchasing the token of the worthy bundles. It is not fair I am making a purchase on the belief of “x” description of the product you make for players in-game and it’s not what it actually is. The product, blessing of the worthy gem, says dmg will be dealt from max health. However that’s not actually the case and as it ranks up it says it’s a percentage of “current” health instead. That is unfair and not cool of blizzard. I enjoy the games but fix the description. It’s disappointing to find out it’s just based off your current health instead, as a barb I don’t do enough dps as it is so was looking forward to this gem helping out. There doesn’t seem to be a way to attach photos but I have screenshots if you need them of the descriptions changing after they get a rank up.


I believed that it’s the description error.

  1. On market it show maximum hp
  2. When u try to upgrade it, it show maximum hp as well.

So I believed it’s maximum Hp and definitely blizzard need to fix this and clarify it with everyone with a blue post imo

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