Blessing of the worthy 99.99 bundle

I purchased this pack and was unable to upgrade blessing of the worthy to rank 4 as stated on the package. I was only able to upgrade to rank 3


I purchased the second tier bundle for $30ish USD and have the same issue, it only allowed me to upgrade to rank 2, bundle promises rank 3.

You guys might want to open up tickets and let them know that you aren’t getting what is promised in the bundles. As it’s clearly not giving you what you need to do what the bundle states. So its either one of two things:

  1. Someone messed up when making the bundle and didn’t put in all the materials needed.


  1. They did this on purpose knowing full well that the bundle didn’t give you what was needed to do what was stated in the wording. So in other words false advertising.

Already did, they told me to submit a bug report and that there is no workaround and they can’t give out material to make up for it.

I opened a ticket also and they told me to post what happened on forum and to ask for a refund. I’m just nervous about the refund part because I don’t want my account to get banned or restricted by asking for the refund.

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Same, I’m asking in my ticket what the repercussions would be of requesting a refund through Google Play.

I have the same issue, I haven’t found a fix yet

They stated no ban or restrictions, just items removed from account. Asking if I’ve already used materials on items not included in pack if they will also get removed

I think that they implied (from the descriptions) that all 3x of the bundles were needed to get the Blessing of the Worthy up to Rank4 … combining all the needed Gem Powers together + the gems from Legendary Crests

Which is an underhanded way to get people to spend more money. Because if you get lucky and get that gem to drop for you in a rift. Then you don’t have the buy the first bundle effectively.

Also if you have to purchase the first bundle for the words of the second bundle to actually work as stated. Then they need to make it known in the bundles, that you already need to have bought the first bundle in the line for it to work as stated.

They are trying to be sneaky in leaving out key information in the hopes that people will just bite the bullet and spend more when they find out that the bundle doesn’t actually do what it claims. Either it was done on purpose by them or they just messed up royally on the wording.

Neither option is good at all, one is more wrong than the other though.

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all true and a cash grab … those bundles are also the only means to get Gem Energy to power up any Gem … not just the Blessing of the Worthy.

There should be other material means to get Gem Energy other than breaking down gems.

I was told to come here as well. Just spent $100 bucks on the last bundle and ended up with a 2 star level 2 gem. Did not even tell me to ask for a refund.

Is it fixed for you yet?

Not even a single admin is bothered for your $99.

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Any update on this? Same issue. Only able to get to rank 2 instead of rank 4.

Guten Tag, ich habe für €99,99 das Paket der würdigen gekauft. In der Beschreibung steht, dass der legendäre Edelstein mit Marke und Symbol der würdigen auf Rang 4 aufgewertet werden kann. Dies stimmt jedoch nicht. Ich habe die mir im Spiel möglichen Schritte gemacht und der Stein ist lediglich nur bis Rang 3 aufgewertet worden (Qualität 3 hat jedoch geklappt).
Allerdings weis ich auch nicht was die Marke und das Symbol des Würdigen sind. Beide Gegenstände habe ich nicht gefunden in meinem Inventar!
Ich bitte hier um Hilfe.

When can I purchase this bundle again?

I’ve submitted this issue to the Federal Trade Commission, as it constitutes a deceptive trade practice aka “false advertising.” I recommend everyone affected by this deceptive advertising to do the same, the FTC will require Blizzard to pay a fine and refund everyone involved.

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