Black Screenshots on PC

Hi, I’m dealing with a strange issue that I will share here. I have noticed that since the large PC package update, whenever I take a screenshot of anything, the screenshot will show a visible UI but anything behind it will appear as a black screen. I can see scoreboards, UI, game menu, etc. But any players, monsters, environment, WB campfire screenshots, are all completely black in the screenshot.

I also changed my monitor around the same time as the update was released and I have not tested for this issue on the old monitor, so I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this?

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I just noticed the same thing. I got the UI all around the image, but the cosmetics I was looking at all came out blank/black.

Still hoping I can get a response to this issue, but I also wanted to clarify something.

I mentioned above that scoreboards & UI were still visible in screenshots, but I tried to screenshot some battleground scoreboards this week, and it turns out they are not visible when I view them in my screenshots folder. But instead of appearing pitch black, these screenshots appear rainbow-colored and pixelated.

Another thing I recently noticed is that all of the screenshots in my folder (they are now sent to Diablo Immortal > Local Data > Screenshots after the PC update) are being consistently deleted from the folder, usually after 24hrs.

This isn’t a major issue for me, but it is disappointing not being able to share battleground results or warband photos with my clanmates. Any help with this would be appreciated.