Black screen when starting Overwatch

Returning to OW so I can spend the resources on my account in OW1 before the transition, and so that I can play OW2 next week. I reinstalled OW did the updates, hit play and when I do a black screen comes up then goes away and I am left with no game to play. I have gone through the other forums topics on this forum removed synapse, checked integrity, uninstalled and reinstalled, power cycled, etc. I don’t know how to retrieve logs or read them. Any help?

I got the same problem cant start the game always blackscreen repair software dindt hellp

Hey everyone,

Black screens on startup for Overwatch are usually due to an interfering program. The most common being a conflict with an older Razer related file. Generally uninstalling Razer, then checking for the file that may linger, and if found, deleting it should fix this. The files that linger are:


Note if you don’t see the files in the above areas, use file explorer and search your C: for anything “chroma”. You likely will find one or all of the above files but in a different folder on the system, and you can delete the files to resolve this problem.

Should this persist or if your system never had Razer on it before, please make a new post on the Overwatch Technical Support forums specifically. Include a Dxdiag file so we can check further. Once you have it, just copy the contents of the text file created and paste it here between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for

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