Black Friday Sale for warcraft 3

I have been waiting patiently for warcraft 3 reforged to go on sale and I am a little shocked it isn’t included in the black friday sale.

Its been out for almost a whole year and has yet to go on sale.

With the initial poor reception I feel not many people will buy it at full price but if it goes on sale I feel you will end up selling more. I think some who got refunds initially will buy it again if it is on sale.

Thanks, that’s my suggestion.


I am also shocked, and I would also buy it at a discounted price.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for a sale on Reforged myself. Nobody’s going to buy the game at full price because of its awful reputation but I guess that Blizzard gave up on the game and won’t even have the game on sale.


Same as you guys… i cant belive that this game dont get any discount :s
Im still waiting until it gets some. Im very disappointed :frowning:


I don’t know why I can’t post on that other forum, but maybe is more visible here the request

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I came here for exactly this - I have no idea why it’s not on sale. I’m pretty sure they’d make bank on this title; of which I’ve heard no interest of anybody paying full price for.

That’s because nobody wants to pay full price for this unfinished mess of a game. This should be half its price at most if you ask me.

Hopefully this game will be on sale during the week of Christmas.

New sale and WC3:R isn’t included. :expressionless:

You can be waiting forever as it’s probably never going to happen.

You could be waiting forever as it’s probably never going to happen…