BK set question


Hi all

I found myself BK set recently. Not that it is really a good set in any means, but thought it’d be interesting to try out a bk set Frenzy (or maybe WW) barb at some stage.

I have seen some talks about equipping the Cloussus Blade on “main hand” or something like that. Anybody care to clarify how do I determine the “main hand”?

What I found when duel wielding is when Frenzy is selected, sometimes the damage stats “swap” on the character screen.

ie: I join one game and I found 1000 dmg on top and 900 dmg on bottom. Then I join another game and I found 900 dmg on top and 1000 dmg on bottom, even though I did not swap the weapons in my barb’s hands.

So what I don’t get is, when I attack, which weapon is used first? and why the dmg stats “swap” with each other even though I did not change my weapons between the 2 hands?


why u using that trash?

vis 5 bo helm 200+ def
hybrid god pb + bered ss (if you cant afford just use perf griefpb)
2x raven perf
wizspike gloves
imp shank

37x 3/20/20s + 20/20/25 torch + 20/20/10 anni


you play on ladder to get perf ladder items (perf grief for example) then fund your nl pkers and pk rands on ladder who are idiots who cant play

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That’s a great setup! Wow dude, it’s great that you can find all of these nice items! You must feel like you’re at the top of the world! Congrats! Kudos to you!
('-_)pops confetti(_-')

Back to reality… Most of us ‘idiots who can’t play’ have lives to live which demand our time elsewhere… Jobs to keep, bills to pay, children to raise, friendships to maintain. Finding all of these great items you mention is for the most part beyond our grasp. We have to make do with what we find, which if we don’t have a lot of time to spend playing this fantastic game, isn’t usually much!

Please try and have a little more compassion with your responses. Not everyone has the time you have to play this game. Trollish comments do nothing but fester negativity in others and ultimately yourself.

'Nuff said.


top items
zero time wasted mfing

play ur d2
ill play in my IDE

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Hybrids are hacked items don’t use them there for cheaters


or you dont know how to make them or afford them

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The weapon first equipped is your main hand weapon. Alternatively, if switching to your secondary weapons slot and back again, the left weapon (glove-side) will become your main hand weapon.

The main problem with the BK set is the knockback effect, which for the most part renders it ineffective.

Oh and building up your character from trash to moderately good items is the most enjoyable part of the game in my opinion :slight_smile: It gets kind of stale after that.

Equipping your “top items” with zero effort does not sound very satisfying to me; I guess it’s like creating godly items in Hero Editor on SP. May be fun for a little while, but it gets old really fast.


i play uswest not single player

if you want to see a few of my chars open up ladder and see some 99s i have on ladder.

seems your guessing a lot as rich players can afford quality items and hybrid method is not totally patched…yet :blush:


Thanks. The reading of all the “main hands” part confused me a bit. I always put the Colossus Blade on the glove side.

I know. I never thought BK set is a good one. I only thought of trying it out purely because I have found the set.

Some people actually think the Knock Back works wonders with WW. Like you WW into a monster, monster is knocked back which allow your WW to further cut into them, etc…

Also Frezy… I still need to learn to maintain my mouse precision when using Frenzy. For me, after successfully hitting monsters, my running and moving speed is so fast that I lose track of what I click on, which result in my mouse keep missing what I actually want to click on and make my barb run around like a fool.


In my experience knockback sucks even for whirlwind, but I am not the most proficient barb player so who knows.

The trick is to put Frenzy on right mouse button, target empty space and click and hold the right mouse button. Then, while still holding down the right mouse button, gently move the cursor towards a pack of enemies. In fact it’s way more relaxing to play than whirlwind :wink:


The BK set is very good if used for Frenzy/Double Swing. KB used with those two skills, and even Double Throw barbs, has a positive effect when smashing away on groups of monsters. You’re knocking back the front monsters into the monsters behind them creating a longer recovery time for them, which is a defensive feature for a Frenzy/DS barb. I don’t like using KB on WW because it knocks monsters out of the group, making it take longer to mow the group down.


It is quite decent. However, I found myself starting to hurt for dmg in Hell difficulty.

I haven’t really found alot of +damage items. Aside from the 2 weapons from BK set, I am using Arreat’s face, IK set gloves, boots and belt. I don’t have a decent armour… I have arkane’s valor that can be used at level 85, but it doesn’t look like a very useful one. None of those items offer + damage.

Jewery wise, I am using a raven frost and a life leech ring, and a mana leech amulet, again neither offers +str or +damage.


Try switching the IK boots to Goblins, the glove to Laying of the Hand, angelic amulet and ring or Highlords and a rare ring with mana steal +75 ar and 5 min or max damage. The angelic combo will give a great life boost, convert damage take to mana and give you enough AR to land max damage with every hit. Have life tap wand and Sanctuary Shield on switch and monsters that shoot missiles at you and are causing big damage hit them with slow’s missiles. Make a Duress, add 8 rows of charms and your 2 tomes and keys, use 1 of each 30 resist gc and then fill in the rest with max damage and poison charms. Have 8 open squares for picking up and identifying items. Put a +15 resist all in your Arreats. Socket the two weapons with +15 max damage jewels (preferably ones with +17 to a resistance).

Max Double Swing, max BO, max Sword Mastery and max Battle Cry. Add one on leap and leap attack and one on each of the middle combat tree. Leap attack is good for crossing expanses in act 4, especially so you’re not corned by Infector of Souls and Lord DeSeis. One on Iron Skin, and one on Shout is all you’ll need for defence. Add on to nat resist, stamina and frw Put frenzy on scroll wheel up and battle cry on scroll wheel down. Run up to monsters with frenzy then scroll wheel up to use battle cry, when the monsters are cursed scroll wheel back to frenzy. Another option is to run up to monsters and hit them with war cry then battle cry then back to frenzy. Have taunt, double swing, war cry, howl, berserk and concentrate on hot keys for easy access. Double swing after level 10 doesn’t require mana, so use it on mana burners. Extra skills points after clvl 88 are best applied to Zerk or taunt. As for physical immune you either need 1k fire damage or use zerk. When zerking physical immunes, especially mana leechers like the wraiths, i howl minions away from the uniques and zerk it to death in 2 seconds. Then when the minions return i war cry to stun them and then zerk them down. Also, Demon Limb’s enchant will give you about 1k fore damage and 200% ar boost for about 12 minutes. This’ll help you fly through physical immune and cold resist monsters

Do all this and you’ll be a killing machine that can kill everything in the game with relative ease.


Thank you, good sir.

I really enjoy reading your suggestions and learning from you when you are not in an angry mode :slight_smile:

To me, this is really just an experimentation, and I doubt very much I will go hardcore with this barb. Last night somebody offered an IK armour for a Mal and a Um, so I prompted trade those for the armour.

I might try with IK armour + BK set, but some may argue I might as well respect him to a proper IK barb instead.

As for skills, if I were to respect him to IK barb again, then instead of the typical WW+mastery+BO+Shout build, I’d like to experiment a bit more on other skills,

One such experiment I might try out is doing speed MF with Howl + Berzerk/Frenzy to hack down bosses instead of killing everything like a “PitZerker”. This build involves using Howl to scare away anything that is not a unique or champion, hack them using Bezerk/Frenzy and quickly switch weapon to use Find Item, and then move on.

A full IK barb is probably not a very good idea to use as a PitZerker, and some argue Enigma is kind of mandatory if I want to try out a PitZerker, but it’d be interesting to see how it goes.


I’m not angry, I’m blunt and don’t care about peoples feels—I lack empathy.

The IK set is perfect for zerking. Shael the maul x2, put 3 x 15 ias jewels in helm and armour and use a highlords or cat’s eye amulet, and raven frost and dwarf star rings. Make it so you have 10 points on zerk and 10 points on war cry.

With the ik set all you’ll need is a cold resist charm to have all 4 resistances maxed, the rest of the charms should be a mix of life and damage. 4k life from maxed BO and charms at clvl 90 is great, 5k life at clvl 94 Is awesome. You want lots of max damage charms and poison damage charms.

War cry is a zerks defence. Maxed battle cry is also defensive, as it drops monsters damage in half and lowers their defence by 80%. War cry will lock up monsters for 3 seconds. When facing a unique—war cry, battle cry then zerk, war cry zerk and so on. Don’t waste time and mana trying to kill monsters with war cry. When you meet archers and any other caster hit them with slows missiles from Sanctuary then easily zerk them down. Some monsters, like blood lords, its safer to howl minions away then bash the boss against a wall then zerk bash zerk bash him down. The other option is to taunt the minions one at a time to you until you are left with the unique. Do the same with Hephasto—bash him into a wall, battle cry then bash zerk bash zerk. You’ll never take a hit. You don’t want knock back, it can be dangerous when dealing with large packs of monsters when using a single hit skill and time wasting. When facing unique monsters that deal high physical damage and require time to kill, a great option to keep minions away until you’ve killed their boss is to set up a grim ward. Just get them to chase you back the way you came until you find a corpse. Set up the ward then bash zerk the boss’s brains in while never being hit by the minions.

When zerking snakes, especially around Nihl use taunt and stay standing still, they will walk right into your zerk attack and they are very squishy requiring only one hit. They won’t poison attack went taunted until they are right infront of you, but even then they won’t hit you because the 2 range on the weapon will have killed them with one hit. The fallen have a high dodge rate so lock them up with war cry, hit them with battle cry, then war cry zerk war cry zerk. You’ll nail everyone and everything without ever taking a hit. This is what I mean when I say know your monsters and master the skills and you won’t need elite gear.


OK, so if I am reading you correctly, you suggest:

10 berzerk
10 war cry
20 mace mastery
20 BO
20 battle cry

Why not stun instead of bash? You mentioned knock back is undesirable, so why not use Stun, which doesn’t involve knock back and allows a small stun duration?


That’s a yes to your points assessment and that’s an awesome question regarding stun use.

Stun is my least used skill, though it is good for locking up normal monsters such as souls who like to hop around (taunt prevents soul teleport, too), it is useless for locking up super tuff monsters like Hephasto and it requires a lot of points on it to lock up uniques and champions. Bash’s effectiveness, for me, is in it’s knock back because I’m putting the monster in perpetual hit recovery when bouncing it off a wall, and that only requires one point, of course all the extra skill points from the IK set is an awesome damage bonus.

If you are inclined to forge your own way by developing war cry and stun to compliment your zerk instead of bash, then that’s great too and I’d enjoy reading your results.

An interesting mix could be 5 stun 5 war cry and 10 zerk or 5 bash and 5 zerk.