Bizzard horrible ways of account recovery

I am sorry but that is also not proof of anything. Anyone can post a video of anything they want. Further, they are easy to edit.

Again, you were provided a list of acceptable documents to prove you are the registered account holder. A video of you playing a game is not on that list.

That email address goes to the team that investigates in-game cheating and exploits. It is a one way means to report complicated cases that the in-game reporting tools can’t capture. It is not a means to contact Customer Support.

They really do have to go through the ticket system.

Exactly. Blizz has my name, address, phone number, email, emergency contact information, etc. They have for YEARS. My account is fine as is everything else.

They have a tool that allows approved staff to access accounts for support reasons. However - that requires being on authenticated Blizzard systems logged in under their staff credentials. It does NOT allow the staff member to see your password, access your email, etc. The only way to change account info is via that tool - which is recorded and reviewed by senior staff.

Fun fact, they also have an Internal Investigations team. Messing with accounts would get someone fired REALLY fast - and possibly charged with crimes. Blizz takes it quite seriously.

No no no. MVPs (greens) are other players who help out by answering questions, linking support articles, explaining policy, helping navigate the ticket system, etc.

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Circumventing the ticketing system, particularly to abuse and harass the Support staff, leads to significant consequences such as a game perma ban, up to a Bnet account perma ban.

I will be staying far away from people who have a long ban history.

I am not deleting anything. I am also not going to be discussing your friend, their account actions, or any other player’s account actions with you.

Any topic about your friend is not appropriate here.

should i unlink my activision account to the blizzard account than. and make a new or would i have to pay again?

I don’t play Activision games so I can’t say. I don’t know where the Activision game keys are bound (Activision account or Bnet account). Google is telling me though that COD: MW on PC is only accessible via Battlenet Launcher.

This was one of the first links I came across regarding linking and unlinking - there are limits so be careful!

The question you seem to want answered is if you can access your Activision games without going through the Bnet launcher. This might be a better question for Activision Support as it goes into access to the Activision licenses you want to play.

I hope you get the answer you seek. GL!!

Reading over this making me laugh. So hard, because I’m in the same boat.

  1. Hacking of e-mail debate is historical - why don’t use say the OP’s Blizzard account is hacked right now, and it not even him trying to dot the recovery? Even some of the most privacy intrusive companies with 2FA has proper fallback methods and without the need of requesting a physical ID. Including Facebook, Google, EPIC, you name it.

  2. How does Physical ID proof your account is you? By name? That even more retarded, how many person with the same name out there? How can you proof that (just like how can Blizzard proof the e-mail account of the user was hacked)? And in US, you can even change the legal name to whatever you want. How does Blizzard proof anything? It not like you submit a photo of yourself when you crated the account (mind you, it may even look different when a person ages). And mind you I didn’t even sign-up with my real name for privacy reason, and back when Diablo2 (2000) sign-up on Blizzard did not conclude I need to use my real name.

All I can see is Blizzard having a failing a 2FA system with ulterior motives for asking people’s physical ID for a non-working state including account deletion. It failing EU’s GDPR on multiple account - any company has person identifcation means need provide information upon request (no such option) right to forgotten (by asking ID - how can you request such information after account deleted?) - all a loop, just like Blizzard’s failed 2FA implementation. Blizzard can just be lucky no EU body is looking at them now.

What even more mind boggle is, I still have quite a few games on physical such as Diablo2 (and expansion), Diablo3 and StarCraft. Which can all use to provide I’m the account owner (guess Blizzard won’t consider that, do they?), and since I’m going to be locked out of my account if I do remove the Blizzard launcher, what do I do with my physical games? Re-create a new account? Which I know Blizzard will refuse to accept the keys - BUT, it illegal for them to do so, since I am the original and only owner to deny my service - all this is a paradox loop just like the failing Blizzard 2FA.

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dont worry blizzard. i wouldnt reply to that either if i wanted to keep my stupid system going that i think is so amazing in stoping people from taking accounts. now i just dont use an authenticator and only make one ult that any body could take at any point in time im ready and open??? oh wait…iust hasn’t and wont happen and if it does i have email… like. just make it harder to change email. have that need id. idk dont kepe this bull up. if you do your proving these people more and more how right they are…

so then why did they ask me for my pic of the id to make the ticket for the phone number if that was the case shouldn’t it be proof there thats us and just let us do us
why is this supposed stonge case sms to protect us allowed me to change the email or use my debit card thats on the account dont make sense there tight with money and dont want to make a program that says hey that is him ok release it
and if it says 24/7 then it needs to be if not that change it cause we dont need no false advertisements if they want to be all lawful

it would be helpul to … Link where Live Chat is available.

Email security is higher than phone security; your comment isn’t informed. Also this is the problem I just complained about on the forums with the 2FA app myself; and should be looked at.

Live chat is not available most of the time. Has not been for a VERY long time. I would link it if I thought it would help. Right now, the only way to correspond with Blizzard on all issues is a Ticket.

There is also the WoW Customer Support forum which serves as an Information Desk. It is there to help people navigate the Support options, get things in via the right ticket path, answer policy questions, explain services, etc. Mostly handled by volunteer regulars, but does have Blizzard Blues around most days to ensure correct information is given for things they can answer.

They are not GMs though and can’t help someone shortcut the ticket queue.

It requires a free WoW license and level 10 char to post (very easy to do on WoW Retail on the free starter license). They can at least confirm that your ticket is in the right category and in queue. Queues are rather long right now, days even. Not hours.

EDIT - WHY did you necro a 2 year old thread!!??? I should have had at least a little coffee before answering. I did not even notice the date until after I posted.

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why did I bump a thread about problems that still weren’t addressed? don’t you want to have a better Blizzard, one that is competent and cares. Their highly incompetent and apathetic [has to be nihilist employees] . I think the problem is the game is defined as 'World\

__ Warcraft’ it’s like a game about never ending conflict that’s very depressing. If the title of game is changed I think you have a interesting future for WoW.