Bizzard horrible ways of account recovery

Complaint 1: regarding customer support. The most horrible customer service on my record to date. The only way I can get a hold of a human customer support is on twitter. And they only have knowledge within the already given information on
Blizzard Support .and they barely care about what the customer has problems with. They read the complaint and they copy and paste it the support search bar on Blizzard Support again. Complaint 2: the authenticator is almost impossible to recover if lost in an old iPhone or computer, so is the phone number and is the sms massage. On Blizzard Support website if you go to I “I cant log in” and then go to “remove authenticator” it tells you to use the authenticator and the sms even though both are in the old phone I don’t have access to. The only way from here for me to recover my account is to send is my government issued id. Which leads me to my next complaint. 3: the only way to verify you’re the real account holder is to send a id to god knows what department, which can be considered very private information that me as a customer deems so. And that I am wondering how can you possible find out its me the account holder in the first place by just looking at my id. I own the email connected to the account I have the same phone number to the account I know the credit card information linked to the account and im logged in currently at the moment on my computer with modern warfare installed spending money on the game. And the proof you need to verify that I am the holder of the account is a government issued id.and the id isn’t even the name of the account I named it.this account I’m posting this thread on is the account I cant access through my phone nor make any edits without authentication .I might call my credit card company . I’m not putting up with blizzard acting fraudulent. its like holding my possessions hostage and asking for private information in return for 220 dollars and over 7 days of time put into my account.


Live Chat and Phone Callback are both available for account access issues during business hours. Availability is a bit limited right now due to work at home restrictions.

To replicate your old authenticator you need to have the original serial number and the restore code. If you did not write those down then you can’t re-install it. You have to get the old one removed from the account and install one with a new serial number. Make sure to write down the serial number and restore code once you have a new one. That lets you re-install it (your specific one with your serial number) on any device that supports it.

If you no longer have access to a phone number that you linked to your account then yes, you have to get Blizzard to remove it or change it.

Correct. Blizzard will not give access to anyone except the registered account holder. This covers what documents are acceptable and what they are used for Blizzard Support - Providing Supporting Documentation

Blizzard has to comply with the US Federal and California state laws regarding Personally Identifiable Information. Failure to do so is illegal and can result in serious penalties. Blizzard destroys the ID copy when done. You should too if you have it on your phone, camera, or computer.

This is an issue. If you are not the registered account holder then Blizzard won’t grant access. It does not matter who pays for the account.

Technically we don’t own the games. We pay for an access key that can be revoked if we violate the terms of the EULA. The EULA requires us to register our accounts in our legal names (as well as refrain from cheating, poor behavior, etc.)

If you want access to the account you are going to have to submit ID matching the account name to remove the old phone number and old Auth. After that you can attach a new Auth and/or number. SMS Protect and the Mobile Auth are separate systems.

So I can’t just get my account back without my I’d. A company with strong ties with the cdp.

How can I speak with a board member this is the worst case of garbage support

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this is the account. the one im replying with is the account i wanna accses on my phone. jeo

You become a major stockholder of ATVI which is the holding company for the individual studios including Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, King Games, Major League Gaming, etc.

Once you are a major stockholder you will have the chance to have a say in what the company does.


I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Politics has nothing to do with you having to prove you are the registered account holder to gain access.

Registering for services using your legal name and having to prove you are that person is pretty normal in the US and the EU - both of which have strict privacy laws.

i already am logged in to the account on my pc.

That is fine that you are logged in on your PC. The forums saves your login info for a set period of time, at which point it may require re-authentication. The game launcher also saves your info if you tell it to. That means you rarely ever have to use the Authenticator code to get in. It will only be requested if the system detects a change in your login location or pattern.

Again, if you want the old phone number removed, or an old Authenticator removed, you have to submit one of the required documents. They will not grant access otherwise.

This is why it is so important to write down the Authenticator Serial Number and Restore Code somewhere safe - so you can put YOUR Auth on any new device you get.

then there’s 0 way for me to log in. its impossible to get my account back then. its over. there’s 0 way to get my account back and I cant talk to anybody high in blizzard. How can i get them to change this. I opened a ticket already and nobody responded. are the tickets useless because theyll do the same thing just copy and paste the answer from the website. when they ask me for the authenticator will i lose my account. will blizzard even care it happened. don’t they care when customers are disrupted. does blizzard realize how bad the system is? will i even ever get my account back if I don’t get this resolved, why is the system so old school and stiff. why didn’t they put better percussion’s against this. why did customer support suck so badly. why is the id the only way to proof its me when I have the card number already? when i have the email already. when I have everything connected to the account. but not the authenticator. why wont blizzard just do it I’m logged in on my desktop app. i can play games and all but its risky. any blizzard devs care or no? why are you the only one to reply. nobody who can actually give me more information than i already know. i made it clear what my problem is. I wont share my id. and i will get my account back some how.fusterating…


Ticket times are about 2 days right now. The reps handle services for every Blizzard game so they can get a bit busy, esp with everyone home playing games/working from home.

No, as you know, you can submit the proper ID - you already discovered that as you said in your first post.

They do realize the ticket system can be difficult to navigate at times. However, the request for ID to prove someone is the registered account holder protects customers. They prefer to protect those customers instead of give access to scammers/hackers/cheats.

Providing ID is not in any way abnormal or usual. That is why I carry ID with me. IRL too. I can’t see a doctor, get medication, go to the bank, or get a bottle of wine without it.

I don’t know what you are saying here.

Getting the email for the account is easy. They are VERY commonly compromised because people use the same email everywhere. Every single day Blizzard takes tickets for compromised accounts where someone got into a player’s email and was able to change things.

Payment method is also not a means of ID. Anyone can pay for any account they want. I could give you my card and let you charge a sub - that does not mean I can then gain access to your account.

Yes, you refuse to provide one of the required ID methods to prove you are the registered account holder to remove the Authenticator.

That is your choice. Blizzard knows some people won’t want to provide ID however they feel that protecting customers is more important. They won’t grant access without proof.

Good luck with that.

what if I’m already logged in already on my computer. isn’t that perfect proof that i am the owner? I can go to account settings. I can download any game I’ve bought i can still buy stuff, but i cant change any settings because I need a authenticator code. will take a picture reply please I cant edit a picture in

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Nope, it only proves someone signed in in that account, may be the owner, someone who stole an account, or even someone who bought a stolen account.

aright took a bunch a bunch of pictures i dont know how to send it to you or them

Them, we are not Blizzard representatives in any way. Greens are just other customers who take the time to help out the community.

You need to fill out the ticket and attach the ID photo. Make sure the file size is small and in an acceptable format. The info link in the ticket should tell you what the limits are. You seem to know how to do this based on your first post.

Once they verify you are the registered account holder they can remove the old Authenticator and you can attach a new one - just write down the Serial Number and Restore code this time.

no not my id. but pictures that the account is mine. ill figure it out be right back

I linked you to the Support Article stating what forms of proof they accept. They are not going to accept anything else. You must submit one of the listed forms of documentation proving you are the registed account holder.

Logging in to the account on your PC is not proof of anything. My family could easily log into my account.

Having a credit card on the account is not proof of anything. I can pay for any account I want, but that does not grant me access to it.

Knowing the email is not proof of anything - people list their email all over the place and it is easily farmed by suspicious folks.

You either meet the actual requirements or they won’t grant access. You mentioned that your real name does not match the name on the account - so you are likely never going to get Blizzard to grant access to you.

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but im the email holder. its whatever dude

And if I hack your email I become the email holder. You see the issue? That is why access to the email is not proof you are the account holder. Knowing the email, or having access to it, is not proof of anything. It would be a massive security hole if Blizz granted access just based on that.

good thing i posted a video of me playing mw a year ago.