Biggest mistakes which Blizzard did

Biggest mistakes which Blizzard did
My view:

  • Went onto the Dow Jones because it was 20 until 40 years too early
  • They stopped creating and programming new strategy-games. Today they could be number one worldwide but this chance has flown away
  • Started to transfer into a mobile-phone-game-company because doing a transfer costs money too. Money which needs the creative pool many more.
    What is more important for a company: A long-time-circluation over generations or the high-risk-luck-game with negative stress every day? Your choice. I would vote the long-time-generation-way for more aims than a fast burnout.
    If Blizzard whishes to have a future than Blizzard should make one or tow new universes in the next 10 years. There is no way around.