Big Planned Scam

Hi i am so sorry for blizzard scam players i spent money on packs with legendary emblems, and after a few days I find out that the same emblems that look identical to 1-1 are worse for these essence buyers because it says eternal legendary emblems. This is a 100% graphically planned and disinformative money scam. I am a Streamer, I spent money and recommended packages to others with my see. I have a huge regret and I do not know what to do with this case because it is a clear fraud and a crime, deliberate misrepresentation. It would be best to get the money back and get it over with, but I don’t know what about the rest of the people who are unknowingly being robbed every day on purpose. Best regards and I look forward to your explanations and help in this matter. Thanks Blizzard teams for scam me and my all wiewers.
The fact that I have to write it here and not directly to you because there is no other way to contact you is all the more fluttering.