BFA Pricing - Reasonable Price Please


I am somewhat confused by BFA still being full priced.

I know it was discounted back in September ($20 off as per Wowhead). With the upcoming expac it seems a little shady to charge full price for a expac in its twilight hour.

Further the Shadowlands Bundle (“Complete Collection”) is $90 which is also not a great deal. (Shadowlands $40 + $15 Subscription = $55 . That means BFA is effectively $35.)

Now $35 IS better than $50 for sure, but it’s still $5 more than the Christmas discount and it’s been been 7 months so the effective life of BFA is that much shorter.

Furthermore this means that Blizz is keeping your $40 for 8 months until Shadowlands is dropped. “Time is money Friend” or the “time value of money” makes me loathe that idea.

I believe that BFA should be $30. Furthermore this seems to be corroborated by the shady CD key resellers which are pricing it at about $30.

I actually tried to buy one for $30, but Visa didn’t like their shady Malta address and has denied it twice.

I’d rather purchase it directly from you guys anyways.

Don’t be greedy and shortsighted. You have the “Gilette” business model anyways. You should try to get more $15 subs. Further it ups the chances that someone buy Shadowlands.

TLDR - Drop BFA price to a reasonable level