Beware of reporting issues to Blizzard - you might get a ban

I disagreed and pushed back on Blizzard’s terrible decision on a now useless token that didn’t allow for return like most tokens. I instantly requested the return and after a Blizzard ticket saying no, followed by further expression of my unsatisfaction (no profanity used) and comparing this to companies who leave customers unsatisfied or would like to return something, I was told no further discussion will be had and I received a warning with potential of future ban.

Therefore, I wanted to warn everyone that if you disagree with Blizzard, they might ban you. You have now been warned.

If the GMs have provided you what info they can, even if that answer is “no”, then that is eventually the end of it. There reaches a point where if you keep putting in tickets on THAT specific issue then they will penalize you for GM harassment. Sometimes, no means no. That they can’t help you and that no amount of asking, and wasting your time (and theirs) is going to change that. They really do mean stop asking about that topic.

MVPs can’t see your account info of course, but if you were asking for a refund then whatever you asked for needs to be within the limits of the refund policy.

Nobody is going to get penalized for putting in a ticket. They will get the warning you did though if they don’t stop after getting many replies and being asked to please stop.

yep complaining to Blizzard is DANGEROUS after their new owner took over the support has gone down the gutter. Sad since i used to love the company.

There is nothing new or dangerous about the message the OP got. Blizzard has always eventually told people that if they keep harassing the GMs after getting an answer on an issue, that there can be penalties.

Seriously. Do you think any company just lets you put in dozens of tickets about the same issue for weeks or months after you got a final answer?

Sometimes, no means no. People were taught that in kindergarten and it really does apply in real life.

I get that you are upset about your Overwatch suspension or ban, but just posting false things in other threads is not going to help you. Nothing on the forums will.

If you want to commiserate with other OW players though you should be on the Overwatch forums.